The show, written and directed by Leonardo Zannier, make us relive the latest days in town of the “American Forces Radio Station” and its swing orchestra, the intense and colourful elements typical of the "Star and Stripes” culture that let many people from Trieste to dream for a while during the second postwar period. With Leonardo Zannier, the “Babette” Chiara Gelmini, Julian Sgherla and Sara Dolce. Music direction: Walter Grison. Big band: The 1000 Streets’ Orchestra. Choreography: Remitour. Organisation: E_Factory. Production: Nathan Vitta for Remitour. Charity event (pre-sale: Ticketpoint).
Place : San Giusto Castle - Cortile delle Milizie
2000 years after Ovid’s death, the images on the museum’s exhibits speak to us through his mythological narratives: music, commented reading and films in the magical atmosphere of the Captain’s Garden.
Presented by Marzia Vidulli Torlo.
Event : An Evening of Archaeology

Place : Museo d’Antichità J.J. Winckelmann
Ethno-jazz concert by the Istrian composer, singer and flautist who combines jazz with her native folk music.
Presented by the Comunità Croata di Trieste-Hrvatska Zajednica u Trstu.
Place : San Giusto Castle - Round Bastion
A melodrama for speaker and piano by Richard Strauss, op. 38, based on texts by Alfred Tennyson; with Giulia Diomede (director and speaker) and Silvano Zabeo (piano).
Presented by Opificio Muse.
Event : Trieste Estate Giovani

Place : Polo Giovani Toti
A cigarette break, or any break from daily routine: Laura Bussani plays various characters in a solo performance, midway between cabaret and an eccentric stream of theatrical consciousness. By Laura Bussani in conjunction with Alessandro Mizzi, Marko Sosič and Stefano Dongetti; directed by Marko Sosič; original music by Etoile Filante. Produced by Bonawentura.
Place : San Giusto Castle - Round Bastion