Museo Sartorio
The eighteenth-century Villa Sartorio, a refined and charming bourgeois home renovated in neoclassic style by Nicolò Pertsch in the second half of the nineteenth century, belonged to the rich Sartorio family of grain merchants until being donated to the city. This unique villa has been fully preserved, with furniture and decor that reflect nineteenth century taste and fashion.
largo Papa Giovanni XXIII 1
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In the museum kitchen, Siora (local dialect form of Signora) Cecé is ready to reveal the recipes of the most famous dishes of Trieste culinary tradition, seasoned with lively anecdotes, curious facts and untold tales.
Written and directed by Raffaele Sincovich. With Sara Cechet Woodcock. Musical interpretation by Alessandro Mandarini.
Presented by Associazione Culturale Atto Quinto.
Without an audience.
Event : Digital Event

Place : Museo Sartorio