Sala Comunale d'Arte
Piazza Unità d'Italia 4
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Sala Comunale d'Arte

Spaziocielo – Essenza oltremare

from 2 to 25 June

This personal exhibition of Silvia Ciaccio. Spaziocielo is the monochromatic meeting place between sky and sea, a marginal dimension that opens doors towards the immensity of space, a horizontal threshold between the celestial and terrestrial worlds. The artist's works capture that indefinite space characterized by a powerful force generating dreams, images and rêverie.

Sala Comunale d'Arte

Gesti scultorei

from 29 June to 23 July

A personal exhibition of Giorgio Delben. In the history of art, the artist is the one who pursues an inner search, delving into the maze of the psyche. In an intense effort to express his artistic calling, Giorgio Delben configures himself in these expressions by involving others and himself in the human story. In this exhibition, Giorgio Delben presents about 11 sculptures that portray the best-known characters in Trieste's history, from James Joyce to Richard Burton.

Sala Comunale d'Arte


from 25 July to 20 August

Solo exhibition of AKIS (Ingrid KURIS). A journey made from painted images that traverse some of the best-known classical myths, becoming protagonists of real situations that each of us can recognize and acknowledge.

Sala Comunale d'Arte


from 24 August to 17 September

A personal exhibition of Nicola Previati. With his series of artwork, the artist positions himself perfectly outside the stale and self-referencing dynamics of self-styled "contemporary" art. The highly refined pictorial technique, the integrative creations that recapture and actualize ancient mastery and knowledge, even the colors alone which are volcanic in their contrasting harmony, would be more than enough to legitimize these works and place them at the center of the contemporary painting scene.