Sala Comunale d'Arte
Unità d'Italia 4
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Sala Comunale d'Arte

Solo Exhibition of Salvatore Marchese

29 July - 21 August

Salvatore Marchese offers, pictorially, "unpublished" interpretations to describe the landscape. All through a very synthetic material composition using red earth from Carso as a background.

Sala Comunale d'Arte

Symphony of Shapes and Colors - Hallucinations

8 - 24 July

Personal exhibition of Leopoldo Bon. The sculptural photographs on display burst like a symphony of shapes and colors, changing both our visual perception and our empathy.

Sala Comunale d'Arte

Ulli Mosconi Zupin: Visioni urbane

27 August - 18 September

A journey into architectural photography interpreted according to the dictates of minimalism.