Magazzino 26
Porto Vecchio
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Magazzino 26

Comparing Expressions

16 July - 21 August

A collective painting exhibition, where more than fifty non-professional artists, who share a passion for art, will exhibit. The works, elaborated by the psyche and by the technical and poetic ability of the authors, diverse in style, require careful and passionate attention by the visitors, who must interpret the artist's message. Exhibition organised by the Gruppo Artisti Triestini, “Rivel Art” in co-ordination with the Trieste Municipality.

Magazzino 26

Mauro Martoriati: Bora e Tergesteo

29 August – 25 September

A contemporary and original reflection, carried out through very personal research on color and form, suggested to the Roman artist - active for eight years in Trieste - by subtle and vital insights into everyday issues, events, and the history of places. Concepts expressed through a chromaticism, in which an intensity of Fauvian flavor often shines through, and a sign of energy which Martoriati happily derives from painting and designing to the third dimension. The exhibition is organized by the Mart Association in co-operation with the Municipality of Trieste.