Sala Umberto Veruda
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Sala Umberto Veruda

Trieste, periferie urbane

from 1 to 12 June

An exhibit of photographs. The story of people, communities, and spaces through the eyes of 16 photographers, including the works arising from the collaboration between the Enrico State Artistic High School and the Umberto Nordio State Art School of Trieste. By the Association Camera with Vista.

Sala Umberto Veruda

Belle dame sans serif - Ulisse, XV – Circe / Il bordello

from 17 June to 9 July

As part of “Bloomsday 2023 _CIRCE”, Davide Lippolis' art exhibition is dedicated to the nominative chapter of Bloomsday 2023. The grotesque vein, a bit surreal and poetic, pervaded by the cutting humor and intelligence of Davide Lippolis at the service of the great nocturnal portait with which Joyce tells us about the red district of Dublin.

Sala Umberto Veruda

I colori della vita – Provo a dipingere... anche se non ero capace

from 15 July to 2 August

A very lively, picturesque and colourful exhibit that reflects the city, the people, the animals of everyday life, but with the boys of the "Modulo Verde’s” serene and passionate eye, who for years have been creating an artistic laboratory with passion and commitment. Organised by the Trieste Co-op Social Integration.

Sala Umberto Veruda

La_Shashe - mostra personale di Shashe Capra

from 19 to 31 August

Natural elements prevail in the artwork: bark, leaves, mud, snakeskin, flowers, exoskeletons, dust, sand, seeds. All collected on travels or made from own plants. These materials, full of intrinsic meaning, are embroidered and framed in an indefinite style, worked with acrylics, ink, tempera, oils, gold leaf and other materials.

Sala Umberto Veruda

Graphik dezajn / Graphic designer

from 7 to 17 September

An exhibition in celebration of SLOFEST which aims to promote the contemporary graphic activity of the Slovenian Trieste community. The exhibition is a piece of a rich and colorful mosaic: graphic designers within the Slovenian community in Italy will be invited to exhibit. Union of Slovenian Cultural Circles / Zveza slovenskih kulturnih drustev ETS.