Sala Umberto Veruda
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Sala Umberto Veruda

Tiepolo. The extraordinary history of Trieste’s drawings.

25 June - 18 September

Tiepolo's drawings from the Sartorio collection from 1898 to today, passing through the events of war. Exhibition organised by the Trieste Municipality

Sala Umberto Veruda

Fortitudo: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic Endurance Expedition in Paola Policardi Suh’s paintings

16 July - 16 September

The exhibition, created to commemorate the centenary of the Endurance expedition and shipwreck (1915) in the ice of the Antarctic, today more widely recalls the legendary figure of Shackleton on the centenary of his death (1922). Exhibition organized by the National Antardid Museum - Trieste section.