alt Exhibitions

Revoltella Civic Museum of Modern Art

Monet e gli Impressionisti in Normandia

Until 26 June

An exceptional collection of over 70 works of art, chronicles the Impressionist movement and its close links with Normandy. On display are paintings by Monet, Renoir, Delacroix and Courbet.

Magazzino 26

Return to Trieste. Lucio Saffaro between art and science

Until 26 June

A major exhibition in his hometown brings attention to the pictorial and graphic work of Lucio Saffaro, a singular intellectual figure of the late twentieth century. Art and science united in the constant search for infinity and perfection.

Salone degli Incanti - Ex Pescheria Centrale

Frida Kahlo – The Chaos Inside

Until 21 August

The charm and intrigue of the union between original artwork and technology, through an engaging immersive journey into the inner and artistic world of the famous artist, one of the most interesting and influential female figures of the twentieth century.

Civic Museum of Oriental Art

All Roads lead to Edo

10 June - 9 October 2022

Photographs by Valentina Giacomini inspired by Hiroshige's Tōkaidō. Hiroshige's prints in the collections of the Civic Museum of Oriental Art”.

Magazzino 26

Livio Rosignano - Painting the wind

12 June - 10 July

The exhibition chronologically retraces, through the exposure of about ninety works of art, the evolution of the artist's pictorial language from the beginning through to the last years of his creativity.

Sala Umberto Veruda

Simplegati - The streets - exhibition by Max Calò

16 June-10 July 2022

Max Calò, an illustrator from Trieste, explores chapter 10 of Ulysses, Le Simplegadi, chaotic and choral, creating space with primitive brushes, pieces of charcoal and digital canvases. The exhibition is part of the events organized by the Municipality of Trieste for "Bloomsday 2022 - 100 years of Ulysses".

Sala Umberto Veruda

Tiepolo. The extraordinary history of Trieste’s drawings.

25 June - 18 September

Tiepolo's drawings from the Sartorio collection from 1898 to today, passing through the events of war. Exhibition organised by the Trieste Municipality

Revoltella Civic Museum of Modern Art

Through the face. Self-portraits from the collections of the Revoltella Museum

1 July - 9 October 2022

The exhibition is part of a structured exhibition project promoted by ERPAC FVG and developed in recent months between Gorizia, Gradisca d’Isonzo, and Trieste and is focused on the theme of portrait and self-portrait in painting, from the mid-sixteenth century to the present day. About fifty artist self-portraits are exhibited, including some unpublished, between the mid-nineteenth century and up to the mid-seventies of the twentieth century.

Sala Comunale d'Arte

Arturo D'Ascanio: Una nessuna centomila

Until 3 July

Personal exhibition of the Abruzzese painter dedicated to the feminine theme: on display about twenty acrylics on canvas completed in the last two years of the pandemic

Sala Umberto Veruda

Fortitudo: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic Endurance Expedition in Paola Policardi Suh’s paintings

16 July - 16 September

The exhibition, created to commemorate the centenary of the Endurance expedition and shipwreck (1915) in the ice of the Antarctic, today more widely recalls the legendary figure of Shackleton on the centenary of his death (1922). Exhibition organized by the National Antardid Museum - Trieste section.

Magazzino 26

Comparing Expressions

16 July - 21 August

A collective painting exhibition, where more than fifty non-professional artists, who share a passion for art, will exhibit. The works, elaborated by the psyche and by the technical and poetic ability of the authors, diverse in style, require careful and passionate attention by the visitors, who must interpret the artist's message. Exhibition organised by the Gruppo Artisti Triestini, “Rivel Art” in co-ordination with the Trieste Municipality.

Sala Comunale d'Arte

Solo Exhibition of Salvatore Marchese

29 July - 21 August

Salvatore Marchese offers, pictorially, "unpublished" interpretations to describe the landscape. All through a very synthetic material composition using red earth from Carso as a background.

Sala Comunale d'Arte

Symphony of Shapes and Colors - Hallucinations

8 - 24 July

Personal exhibition of Leopoldo Bon. The sculptural photographs on display burst like a symphony of shapes and colors, changing both our visual perception and our empathy.

Magazzino 26

Mauro Martoriati: Bora e Tergesteo

29 August – 25 September

Sala Comunale d'Arte

Ulli Mosconi Zupin: Visioni urbane

27 August - 18 September