Dance performances.
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At 9:00 PM
The Compagnia Točnadanza, founded in 1991 in Venice by the dancer and choreographer Michela Barasciutti, presents a fascinating show based on body language, visual and musical effects, and images drawn with body and lighting in the poetry of twilight.
Choreographed and directed by Michela Barasciutti. With Sara Cavalieri, Roberta De Rosa, Marco Mantovani and Giulio Petrucci. Research and musical arrangement by Stefano Costantini.
Presented by the Società dei Concerti - Trieste.
Without an audience.
Event : Digital Event

Place : Salone degli Incanti - Terrazza
The Greek community has been an integral part of Trieste and its history since the 18th Century. The Orfeas group spreads a message of communion between peoples and cultures through song and dance. Appearing for the fourth time in Barcolana, it will "sail" throughout Greece, presenting the nation’s traditional dances.
Event organised as part of Barcolana52 and presented by Generali.

Admission free. Limited availability (max 200)
Event : Barcolana52

Place : Piazza Verdi