Stabilimento Balneare Ausonia
Bathing establishment of ancient glories, in the '30s futuristic considered a kind beauty farm before its time. Still very popular and loved by Trieste.
riva Traiana 1
Billie Holiday: a woman whose fragile and beautiful blues recalled experiences of every kind. By and with Aida Talliente. With Mirko Cisilino (trumpet, trombone), Filippo Orefice (tenor sax, clarinet), Francesco De Luisa (piano), Simone Serafini (double bass) and Alessandro Mansutti (drums).
Post-performance drinks with the artists.
Admission by payment. Information: fb @FestivalApprodiTrieste
Show moved to Ricreatorio Toti
Event : Approdi Festival

Place : Stabilimento Balneare Ausonia